Puppy Aptitude Testing (PAT)  
We are trying to get a better understanding of our pupies, so we test our puppies using the Volhard method.  In order for this to be successful (and to know how accurate these results are) we are asking our puppy buyers to participate in the PAT by completing a form once the puppy is older. We will keep records of all of our puppies. As the puppies age (or once they reach adulthood) we will send you a questionnaire. This questionnaire will be about your puppy and their behavior/personality/etc. We need this filled out and returned. Once we have -at least- a few years gathered, we will determine if the test is accurate or not. But we cannot do this without your help.) If you are willing to help us determine temperaments and the future temperaments of our puppies and adults, please mark “YES” on the question above. you will receive an email around their second birthday with the questionnaire. Please fill it out as best you can and send it back. Please do not alter or lie on the form. We will not judge your dog, we will not take actions, etc. We specifically want to know if this test works well on the BASENJI breed. (its been said that it only works on certain breeds. So I’d like to see just how accurate it is. Your help is appreciated!

Thank you for taking time to complete our questionnaire. Please feel free to email us at with any questions you may have, or feel free to give us a call at (605) 630-1946 for a more personal contact. Leave a message if we dont answer. Texts are also always welcome! 

Important Terms and definitions
The following words can be found all over our website. To help the process of term understanding, we have provided a definition of the word, as it is to us, for you below:
PET QUALITY -Pet Quality is a term specifically used for non breeding/non showing dogs. This term is used to describe certain dogs but we want it to be known that being deemed “pet quality” makes it no less of a “good” dog than a show quality, as far as having a happy go lucky dog as a companion or a member of the family. THE REASON we separate puppies into choices as far as Pet and Show quality is because to most dog owners, certain qualities like too much white, a crooked blaze, etc, would not matter but to a dog picked for competition and potentially breed, these things could be the reason the dog loses or excels in the show ring. So a puppy that is deemed “pet” quality is not because it is a “bad puppy” but because it would not likely do well in the show ring due to the lack of qualities that are expressed in what is called the Breed Standard.  EVERY breed has a Breed Standard and it is this piece of information that all Breeders use to breed and improve their puppies so that they can become the Standard of the breed.  From the most simplest reason of simply having to much white on the muzzle to a more complex reason such as their gait is not as effortless as a littermate’s gait, puppies are divided into these categories. There are MANY factors that play a part in how a puppy is categorized, but, rest assured that both, as family pets, are equally important and loved.
SHOW QUALITY – Show Quality just means that this puppy has outstanding traits and has an excellent chance of excelling in the show ring. With the limited amount of truly outstanding puppies being kept back, we like to place show quality puppies in homes where the puppy will be able to show off its beauty and where the owners have high intentions of showing it. These dogs are kept on co ownership until championships and health testing have been completed and typically until they reach their breeding retirement. Then they are able to be spayed and neutered.  As far as a family companion goes, It is no better or worse than a pet quality puppy, however it is just more likely –as previously discussed via the Breed Standard–that this puppy will do better in the show ring in competition with other beautiful dogs.  Show homes are kept intact and eventually able to breed, while pet home puppies are required to be neutered or spayed, which should be noted that fixed pets are not allowed to participate in shows because the point of a show is to prove they are worthy of breeding and altered pets cannot breed. 🙂
Temperament Evaluation –  At 49 days (7 weeks), we temperament test all of our puppies. This consists of 10 categories in which each puppy will be scored on. A copy of each puppy’s results will be available at the Buyer’s request if they are interested in learning more about it. We do hope that you will participate in our Temperament Evaluation Retest–which basically is just you filling out a questionnaire about your dog in the future (probably twice, depending. Around age 1 or 2 years and then again at around 4 or 5 years.) This helps us learn how accurate the temperament testing is and can help us improve future puppy placements so that we can produce healthy and happy puppies that buyers can be proud of for years to come.  We do this in order to match your family with thbest puppbased on your lifestyle and the information you provide to us.
Conformation Evaluation –  We perform conformation evaluations to see where a dog is structurally. Show and Pet quality are divided when we perform this (as close to 8 weeks as possible)  We look at structure, movement, standing, color, and compare the puppy to the Breed Standard. Puppies who closely resemble the breed standard will then become Show Quality and those who don’t quite compare to the standard will then become Pet Quality. Again, all puppies are created equal as far as a companions go, but some just would do better in show homes going to shows and potentially moving on to becoming breeding dogs and Best In Show winners. With this said, please understand  that we will NOT know which puppy will be yours until this evaluation has been performed, so please keep that in mind when placing money down on a puppy to purchase  Please understand that we have this policy because we know our puppies best (having raised them) and have spent countless amounts of hours with the puppies. We have a much better understanding of their true personalities so we are able to best pair our puppies with the best possible home. We have found that in the past, families come on the day of pick up and choose a puppy based on the puppy’s disposition on that one day. There are many factors affecting the personality and energy level of each puppy on any given day and it is necessary to view the personality and traits of each puppy over an extended period of time. Please be advised that in some cases there may be more than one puppy that we feel would be a good fit for your family. In this case, you would be able to choose between the puppies that we have selected for you. However, sometimes there is just one. And in some cases, there are no puppies that fit your lifestyle for this particular breeding, in which case you will be refunded (if we determine we do not have a suitable puppy for you).
Puppy Culture Program – The Puppy Culture Program was developed by a Bull Terrier breeder who wished to improve the lives of their puppies and to help ensure they become well balanced adult dogs with less fear and more learning and training ability. We started using this program in 2015/2016,  to raise our puppies as well and it has made a dramatic different on our puppies vs the old method not involved with Puppy Culture. Please click here to find out more about Puppy Culture and/or to buy it for yourself! We do recommend this go home with any dog, not just our Basenjis, but we strongly feel it is a great option and a great tool to provide a great start to any puppy. It is also great tool to incorporate into older dogs, even if they missed the vital stages as a puppy (the first 12 weeks)
Full Registration –  Full registration is given to only Show quality puppies. Full registration means that all offspring produced by this dog or bitch will be registerable with AKC.  When we do the conformation evaluations, we determine which are pet quality and which are show quality. We do that to ensure the betterment of the breed, not just breeding to produce puppies. So by choosing ONLY Show quality puppies to reproduce (by giving only them Full registration) and spaying/nuetering pet quality puppies (who lack somewhere in the standard), we are doing our part in limiting the non desired genes (such as long bodies) and improving the desired genes (such as the square-tall on the leg appearance.) We CO OWN ALL of our show prospect puppies, with no exception.
Limited Registration – Limited Registration is only given to Pet quality puppies.  Limited registration means that NO offspring produced by this dog or bitch will be able to be registerable with AKC. This is because they are being sold as pet quality and are not meant to reproduce. This means that if you purchase a “Pet” quality puppy and have a litter (accidental or intentional) the litter will NOT be able to be registered with AKC, leaving all puppies in the litter not registered. There is also a contract violation which will result in a lawsuit. This is because we sell pet quality puppies to spay and neuter homes because the reason they are pet quality is that during the evaluation period, they, for what ever reason, had non desired traits that are found to be faults in the Breed Standard. We place Pet as pet quality and Show as show quality puppies because we do not believe in breeding just for breeding but to only breed for bettering the breed. By just breeding to breed, we are ruining our breed and that is not our goal, so that is one of the main reason as to why we place certain puppies in certain homes.