Our Dogs

Males and Females      

Here is our pack!

Allow me to introduce our Amore Basenjis!

Below are pictures of our dogs (both here at home and co owned.) If you click on their names/pictures, you will be directed to their own individual pages which lists all of their information including:  Health Test Results, Pedigrees, Photos, and Additional Information each of our best friends. 

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     Here at Home


                                                                     4 mos old


Heartbeat Amore’s Sparkle and Shine

Fanconi: Test ordered

PRA: Test ordered

Hips: Not old enough

Eyes: TBT soon

Thyroid: TBT soon

Laika is our newest addition here at Amore! We are beyond excited to see where she leads us on this incredible journey! We are thrilled at how she has matured so far! 



    at Home


Second Generation Amore    



Amore’s Reach for the Stars

Fanconi: Direct Clear
PRA: Direct Clear
Hips: OFA Good
Thyroid: OFA Normal
Eyes: failed, Optic Nerve Coloboma(Left)

Although he still shows and enters lure coursing trials on occasion, our boy Nemo, is here at home but retired and not available for breeding. 


Co-Owned with Families




Amore’s Cross My Heart

Fanconi:           Direct Clear

PRA:                 Direct Clear

Eyes:                Minor PPM, Iris to Iris

Hips:                 OFA Good

Thyroid:            OFA Normal




First Generation Amore    

Ernie finished 2015 as #1 Basenji lure courser in Canada!!! In 2015, Ernie earned his Field CH! He also earned his Straight Racing Level 1 title.

Ernie finished 2016 as #1 Basenji in lure coursing and # 6 all breed, Field Ch EXcellent!!, and also Straight Racing Level 2 title

He currently has some beautiful offspring in Canada that we are really enjoying watching them grow!

The one that started it all!

Although we miss her so much, Missy is the one that triggered my love for the breed and made me dive head first into the pool that is the Basenji. She truly is the one that started it all! She taught me so much and I can never thank her, or God, enough for all of the differences she truly made in my life. Il’l never forget her! <3

click on her photo to learn all about our journey to where we are now!