Welcome to Amore Basenjis!

Preservation breeder of the purebred Basenji


Amore Basenjis is a small scale preservation breeder currently in South Dakota. As a breeder/owner/handler, we are dedicated to the careful selection of top class dogs, breeding only those that excel in great health, desirable temperaments, outstanding conformation, and those with excellent minds that are eager and intelligent, to help make training pups easier! 


We offer lifetime support for all of our Basenji owners and will take back any dog, any age, at anytime, no questions asked!! We want to ensure every puppy’s health, happiness, and safety. We work hard to stay in touch with each and every buyer to ensure things are going well, our puppies are living up to all expectations, and everyone is happy and adjusting well.  


We raise each and every puppy with Puppy Culture(PC) protocols and perform Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), which equips pups with a greater tolerance to stress, greater resistance to disease, faster adrenal system, and a stronger heart rate and heartbeat! We start all puppies on clicker/crate/obedience training, as well as house training, prior to leaving our home. We also work on the Puppy Culture Communication Trinity which gives puppies a voice and allows them to be able to communicate with us and their new owners! All of our puppies are manding (sitting to ask for things) and well on their way to being polite, friendly, happy puppies for their new owners to show off! 

Health is of great importance to us here at Amore. All of our breeding dogs pass their CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) certification before we consider breeding them. We do everything we can to produce healthy, happy family members; along with well rounded show dogs! (Even if most just end up being well loved pets!)


Temperament is extremely important at Amore, and it is our number one priority, along with health and structure! If a dog doesn’t have a good temperament, it makes living with them difficult and stressful. Whether you buy a show dog or family pet, temperament should always be a top priority for any breeder.


A Basenji is a uniquely crafted animal and has certain features and qualities that make it so. We focus on the American Kennel Club (AKC) Standard when we breed or plan a breeding. We look at pedigrees, the virtues and flaws of each dog, and try to breed dogs that will improve with the next generation. We also never let distance stop us from using the best dog’s (for the female we’re breeding) we can.


Being able to train a dog can be one of the most rewarding or the most frustrating experience that a dog owner will have. We work hard to breed dogs that are smart and easy to train. We use puppy culture which sets all puppies up for a bright future, full of communication, health benefits, mental stimulation, and so much more!