Our Policies

We have a questionnaire that we require all potential buyers to complete. This helps us learn more about you and your wants and desires for a Basenji puppy and what you are looking for when choosing a new companion.  We read through each and every form completed and we then look at our puppies and compare them to what is wanted. While we do our best to pick the same colors/genders/etc that you are wanting, we also know our puppies best. Ultimately we have the final say on where our puppies go. We will not put a puppy in a home that is not a good fit [ex. a high drive puppy with a family who wants to lounge around and not be active] as that is setting both family and puppy up for failure. Likewise, we will not put the most laid back puppy in a family where they are going camping and hiking and fishing and go go go all day long! So, while we do take into account the desires you have, we will ultimately make the final say on our puppies. If you do not want the puppy we choose for you, we will return your money and you can choose to go elsewhere. Purchase price is non refundable if you accept a puppy and then change your mind. 

Pet puppies are required to be spayed/neutered by 2 years of age. There is no exception for this.  They are pet quality because they somehow do not meet the AKC standard to what the breed should be as far as for reproducing [maybe it has too much white, maybe a little too long bodied, etc]. As companions, pet and show puppies are the same. As far as showing and breeding goes, the show puppies are superior and will do better in the show ring than a pet puppy will. Pet puppies are sold on limited registration which means their offspring cannot be registered with AKC.

Show puppies are NOT allowed to be spayed/neutered until their show career and breeding careers have been completed. This is because show ring dogs are not allowed to be fixed/altered as the reason we spend so much money showing them is to prove they are worthy to be bred. A fixed dog cannot be bred so it defeats the point.  IT IS VITAL THAT BUYERS UNDERSTAND THIS as we want our puppies to excel where they will do best. Show puppies also are required to be CHIC health tested prior to breeding. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not wish to show and breed and perform necessary health testing, please purchase a pet quality puppy. 

If you want to show and breed, please purchase a show quality puppy. This will ensure both you and your puppy are set up for success! Show puppies are sold on co ownership with full registration, which means that once they pass health tests and complete their championship, the puppies they produce can be AKC registered. (we have to sign off on the registration so they cannot be registered without Health tests and Championship achieved.)

Puppy Culture says it best

         …. Puppy Culture is a complete program of over 50 lessons – from whelping box to new home. From early neurological stimulation, to aggression prevention, to potty training, manding, and leash walking, it’s all here! Learn from top veterinary behaviorists, breeders, and dog trainers – scientifically proven to greatly improve outcomes for puppies!  With step-by-step instructions on what to do at each critical juncture in the first 12 weeks of life and beyond, Puppy Culture is your guide to raising your puppies to be calm enrichment seekers, ready to take on life’s challenges with love and joy to spare.”

           But what if my puppy is older / younger / not raised with the Puppy Culture program? Don’t worry! You’re in luck; the science based training and protocols in Puppy Culture are perfect for puppies of all agesEven though the film focuses on the first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life, there are more than 30 lessons that are directed specifically to prospective puppy families that can be applied well after the 12 week mark – including manding, early leash walking, and crate training.”…….

Puppy culture has truly changed our lives and we will never breed another litter without it again. We have purchased all of the DVDs, books, booklets, etc. They have so many amazing protocols and ways to improve the lives of little puppies that we find is simply silly not to use them!  

you can BUY IT HERE