"Laika" Heartbeat Amore Sparkle and Shine

Heartbeat Amore’s Sparkle and Shine

I guess the cat is out of the bag, we officially have some BIG news to announce!  It has been a long wait for the right opportunity, but we finally stumbled across the puppy of our dreams and an opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up. The stars aligned and we are beyond excited to be able to have this chance! We welcome Laika to our Amore family!

Laika is special, not only because is she a beautiful little puppy that we have high hopes for, but also because of timing. Laika was born and came into my world the day (in the past) my world was shattered. I lost my heart dog and it was a hard time in my life. When I was presented with the idea of a puppy, and then I learned of all the “connections” that she had and just how fateful it seemed to be, along with other factors, I just couldn’t pass it up. Shes turning out really nice so far and I am beyond excited to be able to see how she matures and where she takes me on our life journey.

She will be tested for Fanconi, PRA, and have an eye exam as soon as we can get her (Canadian import has been a struggle, for sure!)
Hips and thyroid will be done after she is two. She will start her show career once she is old enough and we are able to get out. Hopefully Covid will be more controlled and we can enjoy our show career again!

Name"Laika" Heartbeat Amore Sparkle and Shine
Date of BirthNovember 19th, 2020
Mother"Moroshka" (Evonty Shantal Sher)
Father"Gareth" (Can Ch Poker Jackpot Alisina Zvezdochka)
ColorRed and White
Land of OriginCanada
BreederHeartbeat Basenjis