About Us

Dedicated to the careful selection of top class dogs, breeding only those that excel in superb health, desirable temperament, outstanding conformation, and excellent minds, that are both eager and intelligent, which allows for an easier time in training. I also raise each and every puppy with Puppy Culture(PC) and Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), which equips puppies with having a greater tolerance to stress, greater resistance to disease, faster adrenal system, and a stronger heart rate and stronger heartbeat!  


We spend countless hours working with each puppy, building confidence and communication (the communication trinity, PC), developing social cues, obedience, crate training, potty training, manding, and positive reinforcements so that each puppy has the best start and best life possible. 


We also offer 24/7 breeder support to any and all buyers of Amore titled dogs. We also have a private Facebook Group that we post lots of helpful materials, videos, information, and allow other buyers to interact with each other to help make this the best experience we can! We’re family now, We got you!


Whitney Podhradsky
Founder of Amore Basenjis

Back in 2000

I met and became blessed with the ability to own my very first Basenji, Missy. Little did I know, she would change my life forever.

The next big step

Fast forward to 2010. After years of searching for the right puppy, I was finally given the chance to buy a Basenji and get into the show world I had so longed to be apart of. Several months later, I was blessed with a second, from a different line. I carried on, through their breeder mentors, gained knowledge, insight, went to dog shows, health tested my two “puppies,” and met new amazing people that I clicked with.


I had my first litter of puppies under the helpful eye of my mentors at the time. (Unfortunately after several years of being betrayed, used, misguided and taken advantage of, I lost those two mentors, at the choice of my own). It was not without fail, though, as by losing their mentorship, I met new Basenji people and gained new mentors that helped me become even better and were much more suitable fits for the future I saw ahead of me.  I continued on my path, showing and being the best I could. I had a lot of ups and downs but all of them were worth the experiences I was able to have!

Miss Lola was the 3rd one, lightest brindle

Major success and unimaginable joy

After I grew from my first two mentors, and met other like minded people, my growth in the breed ignited and my thought processes changed. I ended up meeting some amazing people that are still very much apart of my life. I was winning and on cloud nine, doing so well! 


My first bred by bitch, Lola, finished her American Championship by just 10 months old, including a hound group 2, a Breeder owner handler group 1, and finishing with 4 majors, 3 of which were all within ONE weekend where she gained 9 of her 15 points at just 7 months old. In addition, it was ALL BREEDER/OWNER/HANDLER shown, which I got a beautiful medallion that will forever mean so much to me. Lola retired after having two litters and now lives just an hour away where we get to have play dates and get update photos from her owners all the time. She was renamed Koda and she is so happy with her new family!


Not to be outdone, she produced a gorgeous litter where I carried on with my second generation and continued the amazing fun and wins! My boy, Nemo, took 1st in his class at our BCOA national specialty, he also took ASFA NBQ ribbon, and snagged a Highest Scoring Single in AKC lure coursing. He also got 2 blue ribbon in his FCAT, leaving him close to a FCAT title. He then managed to achieve his JC and QC titles later on that week! All of this was his very first time out coursing! His show career was equally as impressive when he got 1 major at his very first show at 6 months old, and 2 more majors at the next show he went to. Unfortunately, due to covid, he still needs only 1 point but we hope to get him out this spring or summer to get that point! However, while we were unable to show, we were able to work on our trick dog titles! Nemo has accomplished his Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles! We are currently also working on his Advanced Trick Dog title. He’s a very good boy!

The future looks bright!

The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – 

you can‘t learn anything from being perfect.

Adam Osborne.

After going through some rough stages in my life and realizing things were not where I wanted them to be, I decided to take a huge step back from breeding and showing. I spayed Lola and shifted focus on getting Nemo’s trick dog titles (since we werent able to get out and show due to Covid.) I’ve learned from past mistakes, realized I needed a change, and took steps to ensure it could happened. 

It’s been a few years since I stopped breeding and just showed my boys on occasion when I was able. I am finally now on the up and up. I’ve changed many things in my life, made some major life decisions- Like going back to school to become a Veterinarian Technician, among other things that have made my life so much happier! 

It is now my time to shine again and I am beyond excited!!  

Amore Basenjis is now making a come back and I am beyond estatic to get back to the passion, devotion, and determination I had, but with an even better head on my shoulders this time around. I’ve learned lessons, built relationships, learned what I wanted and what I didn’t want, and grew from who I was. 

Now, I am ready to get back in the saddle and do what I was destined to do. Dogs have always been my life’s passion and that will never change. So it is here that I start fresh and do it even better than I did the first time. 

I even got a brand new logo, with interchangeable colors for the dogs. (You can see this logo with any of the 4 accepted colors on it!). Reasons behind my logo: The main dog is “crafted” to be close to a perfect Basenji. The patterns (not color) is a replication of the color of my heart dog, Missy. The puppy is to represent my strive for producing well mannered, happy, healthy future puppies from Amore. The background of stars and galaxy is to represent my past dogs that I learned so much with; Lola and Nemo, who both have “star” in their registered names. Purple and blues colors represent my favorite colors and the color of my heart dog (everyone is color coded here!) The BISS ribbon is there to give me hope and determination to someday achieve such a noble win! and Amore will always be Amore because I LOVE basenjis! <3 I am in love with my logo and it was done so phenomenally well and she really captured everything I wanted! With a new logo, a fresh start, and an optimistic mind, I am so happy to once again be able to do the things I am passionate about and with great conviction and dedication! I cannot wait to see where God leads me on this new journey and continued love and passion in my life.